And the Winner Is… Mr. Yabuki?!

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From today’s invitational, we knew that ARMS was going to be a very competitive game. The roster of fighters with 4 professionals and 4 qualified players provided stunning matches for the eye to see.

Congratulations to Zerk, for winning the 2017 ARMS Invitational Tournament! His performance proved to show control over proper spacing and technique, which allowed him to make proper punishes in response to his opponent. This brings up the question, how viable is Twintelle in competitive play now that we’ve seen what she can do? It’s tempting to say, but it’s also too early to call anything. We’ll have to go into the lab to find out in the next coming weeks and months.

However, the proof of competitive depth was beyond what any of us what would imagine; enter the producer of ARMS. Yabuki matches with Zerk in an exhibition match post-championship, and boy, I have never seen movement so fluid during any of the test punch runs. Needless to say, Yabuki was a beast, seeing perfect control with his usage of Min Min and Twintelle, and their default arms. We learned today that the mastery of not only movement, but arms is very much the key to victory. It takes more than just knowing the properties and stats of arms and characters, but also putting them to good execution.

Not to mention the stages; the Yabuki Combo pretty much had the chats and Discords rolling all around. After executing a grab and throwing his opponent into the rings of Spring Stadium, the bounce off from the stadium gave him a window to go into rush.

Pretty safe to say, Yabuki is a beast, and the ARMS community has much to learn about this game and depth, as shown by the producer himself.

Congratulations to all the participants, and rankings are available here.

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